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I have bad news for you all.

Due to the coronavirus lockdown situation in the country. Our economy is facing adversities and according to the latest report by RBI. India will be going to suffer a lot economically in the upcoming months. 

This economic depression will affect every one of us in one way or the other. Many of you must have read or heard about covid laid offs.  It is my onus to bring certain things forward to your concern in this uncertain situation. Building Your Personal Brand plays a crucial role today for your success.

Good Evening  Ladies & Gentleman

Every company or organization will be looking to retain or hire the best among best. Once this dust settles down resources are limited and demand will be high.

It is said “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”

This is a time to revaluate our career or life goals.

In these tough time of crisis the role of building your personal brand is your career assurance. It is the reason people will come to you and hopefully pay you a higher price.


Robert Kiyosaki the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad quoted “If you are not a brand, you are a commodity”

One of the thing which I have observed in these 4 years of my corporate job a lot of people have potential but the perception they build around them is not right.

They don’t get their desired position or job.

You need to stand out in the crowd. For that, you need to work on building your personal brand.

Let me just define the word brand. A brand is a promise which we make to others.

Every one of you must be having smartphones or laptops on which you are attending this amazing meeting.

The reason you purchased to invest in the phone or laptops company because that company promised you something.

The fact is Human beings decide emotionally and justify logically. 

Now I know a lot of people out there must be thinking personal brand is for authors, industry leaders, politicians celebrities etc but I think today in this time even a college graduate is asked in interview how you are different then other people. 

A personal brand is all about how you define who you are. According to a Forbes research on professionals, 70% says they know what their definition is and they know what other people feel about them. 

People when hear personal branding in the same sentence they think it’s about talking about them all the time or doing their self-promotion.

But the lesson here is “it not about you” it about what you want other people to know about you

Now the question is why we need a personal brand

Let me start with why

Why you need a personal brand?

There are 3 reasons

  • You lead more
  • You win more
  • You earn more

Now the question is how to achieve the above

There are 3 simple steps to it

  • Self-awareness 
  • Telling your story 
  • Deeping your relationships
  • Self –awareness  – You need to think through what kind of personality or brand you want to be. What exactly you want people should think or say about you.

A small exercise which you can do is ask your 5 close friends or colleagues who are brutally honest with you ask them to define you in 3 words. You can able to know two things your strength if they say something positive or areas to improve where you need to work upon

  • Telling your story – In this digital age where we are bombarded with a lot of information every day. Please make sure you are narrating your story somewhere as social proof like you have a blog or communication through social media handles or you get a chance to write for a newspaper.

They will get you creditability points

  • Deeping your relationships – The person who is rich today is the one who has maximum connections or network because your network is your net worth. Best investment one can today make is the invest in networking with people present in your industry

Now people must be thinking of what is the first step how we go about it.


  • Dont worry whenever you come to South Delhi Toastmasters Club we always have more to offer along with all the requirement for Toastmasters.

 We have a Public Relations campaign named “Rock Your LinkedIn Profile” the purpose of this campaign is to help member developed an appropriate LinkedIn profile because at Linkedin in you can connect with 575 million people all around the globe.

Not just for jobs, you can share your experience or learn from theirs. Its a thought leadership platform it’s not a social media to put family photos or brag on your expensive check-ins

  • Toastmaster Shweta must have reached out to you regarding the same. There is a course available for free on LinkedIn Learning app. It can help to take the first step towards building your personal brand.
  • Hold your horses for getting stressed about the economic condition. Make good use of this time and do something productive which will benefit in the latter half of the year.

Over to you Toastmaster 

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