Chris Martin Noticed Kissing 23-Year-Old Dua Lipa At Glastonbury Event Only Months After Split From Dakota Johnson

Chris Martin Noticed Kissing 23-Year-Old Dua Lipa At Glastonbury Event Only Months After Split From Dakota Johnson

When Chris Martin split from Gwenyth Paltrow, any celeb stalker really worth her sodium ended up being after their partnership path to read when he’d find their subsequent happily actually after. If it appeared to get to the type of Dakota Johnson, there is much rejoicing to be completed. Then again, two years after, the couple strike the skids and Chris got left to visit it alone once more.

otherwise WAS HE? unique gossip is circulating about 42-year-old Chris Martin and a prospective fancy: 23-year-old Dua Lipa! So what’s the offer, what’s the haps? Comprise they simply caught smooching after one unnecessary brews or could they feel oriented for wedded satisfaction. Include Chris Martin and Dua Lipa dating?

1. Glastonbury

Chris Martin, 42, is back on the market after their divide from his ex, 50 Shades celebrity Dakota Johnson. Its best become fourteen days ever since the plucky set known as it quits, also it may seem like at the very least Chris is not creating trouble regarding the fact that it’s the perfect time in order for them to proceed. He was spotted kissing performer Dua Lipa in the Glastonbury Music Festival!

“when Chris caught Duaa€™s eye, he had been through like a shot a€” and he didna€™t leave her side forever. She appeared happy to take their team and also released him to this lady family members. These people were all speaking together forever but when Chris could easily get Dua all to themselves he’d feel really flirty together,” mentioned a resource into sunlight.

Chris Martin of @coldplay joins gigantic Mike regarding the main level

2. Biochemistry

Based on the same supply, the chemistry between the two stars ended up being completely off of the maps as well as were not bashful about who noticed them. a€?There is obviously a lot of biochemistry between them a€” when they oriented for the Guerilla pub for the Shangri-La location, he noticed their moment as well as discussed a kiss!” It may appear to be they may be a sure bet, but why don’t we decrease this down.

Everybody knows that when your separation with anyone you have a world of various reactions. Many people won’t dream of even cheerful at another possible appreciation interest for days, while others pick actual comfort in rebounding as hard because they can with a new lover. That all pleads the question, what’s happening right here, is-it a rebound or genuine really love between the two stars?

Chris Martin and Dua Lipa ‘caught MAKING OUT backstage at Glastonbury’. simply days after their divide from Dakota Johnson s://

a€” regularly email star (@DailyMailCeleb) June 30, 2019

3. Future?

In the event that root talking right up for the press understand so just how for real this brand new connections are, they are remaining reasonably mum about it: a€?Chris is actually keen on Dua however they are both having a great time being newly no-cost and unmarried so neither know in which the flirtation might end up,a€? they said. Hmm, sure it is an anonymous supply but this may seem like maybe it’s an honest need.

Naturally, there’s something we have to understand right here that is certainly the historical past involving the two. That’s right I mentioned they’ve got record. If you are not a diehard celeb news hound, let me advise your that back 2017 Chris and Dua comprise also identified kissing. So it is clear they prefer to suck face. Less obvious: would they would like to have a go at anything more?

4. His Split

Chris Martin’s love life has been in individuals eyes mostly since he hitched after which consciously uncoupled Gwyneth Paltrow. Since that time those two divide, sight happen on Chris’s per move to read exactly who he may relax and then make family number 2 with. When he found Dakota Johnson, they seemed like he’d discover a success, actually Gwyneth accepted!

The couple ended up being pleased together for 2 years, though they never publicly verified their connection. There had been also gossip swirling that an engagement and a wedding couldn’t be fair after. But abruptly, the duo separate ultimately causing countless photos of the lady lookin sad and your being in the proximity of different females.

Chris Martin had been 1st option for the Ed Sheeran role in past s://

a€” amusement Weekly (@EW) Summer 28, 2019

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5. Her Split

Chris is not truly the only 1 / 2 of this lip-lock who’s got a storied romantic history. If Chris isn’t really ready for some thing severe because the guy only ended a relationship themselves, chances are that’s a feeling that Dua can relate solely to. The singer recently divide with Isaac Carew fairly lately also.

Though the rumors is that separate got friendly, chances are that Dua is actually experiencing in the same way that Chris is actually experiencing: it’s just too early to get into new things. That said, these two demonstrably posses a connection and it is likely that if they connect as time goes on they may really have the opportunity to go the exact distance.

Dua Lipa claims she is ‘lost their sanity’ at Glastonbury after she actually is noticed kissing Chris Martin s://

a€” sunlight (@TheSun) June 30, 2019

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