(January to June 2020)

Best way to serve as an executive committee officer of club which has given you power to speak confidently and lead with service.

Below are some key initiative which  were taken by EC team to help member grow.

Know Your Member

The Purpose is to know our member and their goals better. We have circulated a google form in which we have all relevant questions related to all personal and professional goals.
The EC team tried their level best to help members achieve their goals by connecting with them personally and helping each member to ace their game.

Green Drive

An initiative to fight back Delhi Pollution by planting trees in Delhi.
At South Delhi Toastmasters Club while preaching and practising public speaking and communication skills from last 14 years. We don’t just talk about pollution in our meeting we take actions against it to save our city Delhi. We have motivated our members to celebrate the occasion of 14th Club Anniversary (1st February 2020) in an eco-friendly way. We have planted 20 trees around JLN stadium, New Delhi.

Champion Moment

To celebrate all the personal or professional achievements of members. Our president Abu Shadab came up with communication which will celebrate the professional achievements of our members. This way we have created an environment to share our happiness with others.

South Delhi Toastmasters has been blessed with few authors and readers. With vision to make reading regular habit for our members. We have created a virtual book club where we have more than 40+ active members not from our club but all across India are the part of it. This way we read together and share our experience of reading. Also well known authors are invited to share their keynote speeches.

Rock Your LinkedIn Profile

Helping members build a personal brand will help them in their real life. This campaign has changed perspective of our members towards using thought leadership plateform like LinkedIn. Members have started putting efforts to build their personal brand. EC team is helping them with all relevant resources.